Grade 3 trails are suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Hiking experience is recommended as trails may have short steep hill sections, rough surfaces and natural steps. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Carabeen Walk (1.8km)

Platypus Pool Walking Track (5km)

Camel Pad Track (10km)

Warepil Lookout Loop (6.8km)

Bugle Ridge Lake Brockie Loop (11.5km)

Woodlands Walk (7.5km)

Mournpall Lake Loop (9.8km)

Southern Lookout Walking Track (3km)

Eastern Walking Circuit (4.8km)

Long Rock Walking Track (7km)

Fairy Dell Jeep Track Circuit (13.8km)

Discovery Trail Oak Track Circuit (14.5km)

Discovery Trail Walk (15km)

Conic Range Walking Track (1.5km)

Summit Loop Nature Trail (1km)

Woodland Walk (8.4km)

Vereker Outlook Walk (6km)

Big Drift Walk (4.5km)

Terrace Falls Circuit – Hazelbrook (4.7km)

Mount Schank Crater Rim Walk (3.3km)

Northern Brisbane Ranges Circuit (19.5km)

George Bass Coastal Walk (17km)

Lake Monibeong Circuit (13.5km)

Freshwater Springs Whites Beach Walk (6.3km)

Blowholes to Cape Bridgewater Seal Colony (11km)

Warris Chair lookout track (1km)

Belmont Lagoon Spit Walk (3.2km)

Mount Worth Waterfall Bower Circuit (10.2km)

Jack Evans walking track (2.6km)

Plenty Gorge River Hike (21km)

Mount Buffalo Wilhelmina Spur (12km)

Wardanup Trail (6.3km)

Nieka Pipeline Track (6km)

Diamond Head Loop walk (4.3km)

Wattamolla picnic area to Wattamolla Dam (1.7km)

Headland walking track (0.7km)

Leura Oval to End of Gladstone Rd (1.6km)

Spit Bridge to Manly (Manly Scenic Walkway) (9.1km)

The Missing Link Along the Yarra (7.5km)

Kinchega Homestead billabong walk (2.3km)

Bryce Gorge Circuit (7.6km)

Baker’s Cottage (1.5km)

Conservation Hut to Breakfast Point Lookout (1.9km)

Mount Beckworth – Northern Section (8.5km)

Chowder Head (500m)

Blowhole and Bald Hill (16.7km)

Mt Sugarloaf Northern Track (3.8km)

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