Grade 2 trails are suitable for families with young children. No hiking experience required as trails have a harder compacted surface. Expect gentle hills and occasional steps. Hikes generally less than 10km. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Evercreech (1km)

Bicentennial Track (1.5km)

Waterfall Bay Walk (4.5km)

Oldaker Falls (800 m)

Nelson Falls (1.4km)

Enchanted Forest Walk (1.6km)

Friendly Beaches (5.9km)

Lake St Clair Walk (4.7km)

Ralphs Falls (2.5km)

Zeehan to Strahan Road (51km)

Rocherlea Rail Trail (4km)

Kaoota Tramway Track (20km)

Arve Falls (1km)

Montezuma Falls (8km)

Whyte River Walk (3.3km)

Castle Rock Flinders Island (6.4km)

Russell, Horseshoe & Lady Barron Falls (6.7km)

Guide Falls (100 m)

O’Gradys Falls (2.5km)

Kaoota Tramway (12.0km)

Risdon Brook Track (4.3km)

Myrtle Gully Falls (2km)

Lilydale Falls (400 m)

Secret Falls (2km)

Hogarth Falls (2.6km)

Horsetail Falls (1.6km)

Punchbowl Falls (100 m)

Kettering Point Track (1.0km)

St Columba Falls (1.2km)

Rosny Hill Circuit Track (2.8km)

Pencil Pine Falls (250 m)

Delaneys Falls (400 m)

Mathinna Falls (800 m)

Lady Barron Falls Circuit (6km)

Duckhole Lake Walk (4.4km)

Circle Track (1.2km)

Derwent Cliffs Walk (2.2km)

Trousers Point Flinders Island (5km)

Lauderdale Wetlands Track (0.7km)

Liffey Falls (2.1km)

Hobart Intercity Cycleway (15.6km)

Natone Hill Circuit Track (2.7km)

Historic Battery Point (5.8km)

Dip Falls (1km)

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