Grade 2 trails are suitable for families with young children. No hiking experience required as trails have a harder compacted surface. Expect gentle hills and occasional steps. Hikes generally less than 10km. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Mooraback Walking Track (500m)

The Entrance Walk (5.5km)

Fairy Dell Scenic Loop (1.6km)

Millers Landing Nature Walk (5.2km)

Lawson Waterfalls Circuit (3km)

Petrified Forest Walk (800m)

Cape Bridgewater Seal Colony (6.8km)

Kalamunda Zig Zag Trail (3km)

Dhurrawarri Buranya Walk (4km)

Evercreech (1km)

Severs Beach (1.4km)

Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail (4.5km)

The Tharwa Sandwash Track (2km)

Emerald to Cockatoo Trail (6.2m)

Brown Lake Conservation Park (0.25km)

Bicentennial Track (1.5km)

Waterfall Bay Walk (4.5km)

Bluff loop walking track (2km)

Oldaker Falls (800 m)

Nelson Falls (1.4km)

Wallagoot Gap (600m)

Lyrebird Link track (0.8km)

Lapstone Viaduct and Zig Zag (1.5km)

La Perouse Historical Walk (800m)

Budderoo track (24km)

Greenough River Nature Trail (17km)

Jarrahdale 1872 Timber Tramway (8km)

South Head Heritage Trail (1.7km)

Cremorne Point to Mosman Wharf (2km)

Warburton Township Loop (5km)

Enchanted Forest Walk (1.6km)

Great Divide Rail Trail (4.5km)

Tarpeian Rock (400m)

Manea Park (2.3km)

Lakeside Loop (5km)

Wave Rock Trail (1.2km)

Bun.gu Trail (1.1km)

Rainbow Gorge – Kirra Sandblow Circuit (1.9km)

Sugarloaf Circuit (5.8km)

Friendly Beaches (5.9km)

Lake St Clair Walk (4.7km)

Freemans camping area to Birdie Beach (1.2km)

Heritage Walk (1.5km)

Bare Island Walk (900m)

Ralphs Falls (2.5km)

Sheldon Cascades walk (400m)

Zeehan to Strahan Road (51km)

High Country Rail Trail (59km)

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