Find the best trails in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

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Cradle Mountain Summit Hike (12.5km)

Enchanted Forest Walk (1.6km)

Lake St Clair Walk (4.7km)

Mount Rufus Circuit Hike (19km)

Fergusson Falls Walk (1km)

Pencil Pine Falls Walk (250 m)

Overland Track Tasmania Hike (65km)

Pencil Pine King Billy Tracks Hike (8.8km)

Cradle Mountain Circuit Hike (14.9km)

Shadow Lake Circuit Hike (13.2km)

Knyvet Falls Walk (500 m)

D’Alton Falls Walk (1km)

Echo Point Track (11km)

Ladder Falls Hike (17km)

Crater Lake Circuit Hike (7.25km)

Branigan Falls Hike (23km)

Hansons Peak – Little Horn & Lake Wilks Hike (10km)

Cradle Mountain Lakes Circuit Hike (20.5km)

Dove Canyon Hike (6.3km)

Reynolds Falls Hike (25km)

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