Circuit hikes and trails

A circuit hike is a hiking trail that forms a loop, taking you on a complete journey around a particular area and bringing you back to your starting point without having to retrace your steps. It’s like walking around the circumference of a circle, rather than going back and forth on a straight line or leading you on an adventure to a new destination. Find the best circuit hikes in Australia here.

Kurrajong Trail Walk (1km)

The Gully Trail Walk (6km)

Sheoak Trail Walk (2.4km)

Wardanup Trail Walk (6.3km)

Peak Charles Trail Walk (2km)

Island Top Trail Walk (2.1km)

Greenough River Nature Trail Walk (17km)

Eagle View Walk (15km)

Manea Park Walk (2.3km)

Lakeside Loop Walk (5km)

Bun.Gu Trail Walk (1.1km)

Bicentennial Trail Walk (6km)

Ghost House Trail Walk (12.4km)

Forest Path Walk (600m)

Nancy’s Peak Walk (5.5km)

Island Pool Walk Trail (2km)

Mount Matilda Trail Walk (7km)

Karri Views Walk (800m)

Bunker Bay Loop Walk (3.6km)

Wandoo Night Walk (1km)

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