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Wallagoot Gap (600m)

North Tura Beach loop (500m)

Kangarutha Track to Hobart Beach (11.5km)

Scotts Hut (3.6km)

Kianiny Bay lookout (400m)

Wallagoot car park to Games Bay (5.2km)

North Tura Lookout (125m)

Bournda Lagoon car park to Bournda Island (2.1km)

Wharf to Wharf Walk (27km)

North Tura car park to Bournda Island (2.3km)

Bournda Beach car park to Beach (500m)

White Rock (200m)

Bournda Lagoon to North Tura (1.8km)

North Tura Beach to Bournda Lagoon (3.5km)

Sandy Creek loop track (6km)

Hobart Beach camping area to Bournda Lagoon (5km)

Hobart Beach Bournda Lagoon and Beach loop (10.6km)

Hobart Beach to Wallagoot Gap (6km)

Wallagoot Gap to White Rock (9km)

Bournda Lagoon (300m)

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