Explore stunning hiking trails of Blue Range Recreation Area

Discover the diverse trails of Blue Range Recreation Area, ACT, offering hikes and walks for all skill levels and interests. Find your perfect adventure today.

Grade 3

Sherwood Homestead from Blue Range Hike (7.2km)

Grade 3

Blue Range Hut to Sherwood Homestead Hike (9.8km)

Grade 3

Sherwood Homestead from East-West Road Hike (6.4km)

History, Nature and Camping at Blue Range Recreation Area

Steeped in history and offering scenic beauty, Blue Range Recreation Area provides a compelling destination for visitors. Located about 45 minutes west of Canberra City, this area caters to campers, history buffs and nature enthusiasts.

Blue Range Recreation Area is centred around the heritage-listed remains of a World War II internment camp for Italian people. Here, you can explore remnants of the camp, offering a glimpse into this significant period.

Nestled amongst tall ribbon gum eucalypts and a former pine plantation, Blue Range Recreation Area boasts a picturesque campground. This is a perfect base for exploring the surrounding Uriarra Forest and its diverse plant life.

Take a short walk to the nearby Sherwood Homestead (accessible via walking tracks) and witness a spectacular display of thousands of daffodils blooming during spring. While the homestead itself is reduced to stones from the fireplace, the exotic trees hint at its former layout and the delightful gardens that once flourished here.

The Blue Range Recreation Area sits on Ngunnawal Country. The waterways here, including the Murrumbidgee River, have played a vital role in sustaining life for generations of Ngunnawal people, plants and animals. Songlines, pathways etched in the landscape, hold stories and cultural knowledge for the Ngunnawal people. Visitors are encouraged to respect and appreciate the cultural significance of this land.

On Ropers Hill, overlooking the Blue Range Recreation Area, stands a poignant reminder of the past. A wooden fence surrounds the stump of a once-massive oak tree, marking the final resting place of Henry, Eliza and their infant son. A memorial plaque honours their memory.