Find a 16-25km trail

Ready for a bit of a challenge and the rewards of breathtaking scenery? These 16-25km trails offer a full day of physical exertion and stunning landscapes, perfect for experienced hikers and ambitious adventurers seeking a day-long escape or an overnight experience.

Devil’s Kitchen to 12 Apostles Hike (16km)

Mt Sugarloaf & Djerriwarrh Creek Circuit (20km)

Grand Cliff Top Walk (19km)

Howqua Feeder and Stanleys Name Spur Hike (25km)

Mount Zeil Summit Hike (20km)

Mount Meharry Summit Walk (16km)

Hotham Huts Walk (18km)

Mount Bogong – Eskdale Spur Hike (23km)

Mount Defiance – Jamieson Creek Circuit Hike (22km)

East Walk & Spanish Onion Circuit Hike (18km)

Smitt Rock Hike (24km)

Lily Ponds Hike (21km)

Waleka Walk (22km)

Mount Ritchie Hike (16km)

Djerriwarrh Creek Circuit Hike (16km)

Mount Sonder Hike (16km)

Brinkley Bluff Hike (20km)

Ruby Gap & Glen Annie Gorge Walk (16km)

O’Briens & Byers Circuit Hike (17.5km)

Yarram-Wannon Hike (24km)

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