Find a trail ranging from 6 to 10km

Step beyond the city and explore a world of stunning trails, ranging from 6 to 10 kilometers! These mid-distance hikes offer both physical challenge and scenic rewards, perfect for seasoned hikers and first-time adventurers alike.

Arthurs Seat Kings Falls Walk (7.5km)

Long Point Bunkhouse Track Circuit (6.5km)

Black Range Escarpment Traverse (8km)

Trig Point Lookout Circuit (7km)

Dog Rocks Circuit (6km)

Mount Alexander Traverse (10km)

West Ridge & Ballantina Circuit (9km)

West Ridge & Dog Rocks Circuit (6km)

Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk (7.5km)

Cape Otway to Aire River Hike (10km)

Blanket Bay to Cape Otway Hike (10km)

Apollo Bay to Elliot Ridge Hike (10km)

Cobaw Pinnacle Loop Hike (9.5km)

Whipstick Loop Walk (6km)

Lava Canal Walk (6.5km)

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