Mount Cobbler Plateau Circuit (29km)

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    I think this is the route you mention in your description but it looks a lot longer then you suggest. Also, the approach to the start of cobbler plateau circuit trail from the start of the start of SPeculation Rd is 6.4 km.

    Would you say that all of the linked route above is accessible with a AWD Impreza?


    1. And, BTW Mount sterling road is currently closed

    2. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Craig. I checked the link you provided. Are you asking how to access the trail head or are you asking about the actual route for the hike? This link provides you with the best driving instructions to the trail head. You will want to avoid King Basin Road as it requires multiple river crossings. Depending on the time of year, an AWD Impreza should be fine using this route.

  • Thanks Darren. And yes we can navigate

  • mount cobbler GK

    Hi – can someone please confirm if the Speculation Road section after turning off Circuit Rd is flat and 2WD doable or 4WD only.

    1. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Angela. I would recommend the high country maps by SV Maps. You can access them here:

    2. Hi Darren. A few of us are interested in doing this hike… I think majority are new to overnight hiking… Will it be suitable for not so experienced hikers? is the track easy to follow? Is there water on the way? Finally is there a good map that we can use? I’ve downloaded route throug Wikiloc but pretty sure will not have any reception… so it won’t be much help. Thanks

    3. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Aliona. I would recommend that you undertake this hike with experienced hikers only. The trail up the goat track is not that well defined, is steep and had a bit of rock scrambling. You can find water at Lake Cobbler as well as a small creek beyond that (before reaching the overnight camp). So you would need to fill up on day 1 and are not likely to find water again after the locations I mentioned. I dont know of any good maps other than the topo maps by SV Maps. From memory, they cover this area.

    4. Hi Darren,

      I’m interested in doing this hike. What typographical map would you recommend I use for this area?

    5. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Gregg, my apologies for the delayed reply. If you were to omit the lake circuit and hike up Muesli Spur (the goat track) then head directly to Mount Cobbler, the return hike, along the same route, would be approximately 20Km. So yes, this is possible to do in one day. I would recommend chacking that the area is open though as it may have been impacted by the current fires.

      1. Hi, Is it possible to hike to Mt Cobbler and back in one day if the circuit to the Lake is omitted ?
        The Emergency Services Victoria Map (the one that identifies all the current fires) is a good online source for a map that shows contours, walking and vehicular tracks. If I am looking at the correct area on the online map it names the track at the start of the walk Muesli Spur track (is that the goat track that Darren refers to in one of his comments ?). I have a reasonable level fitness, climbed Mt Feathertop and back via Bungalow Spur in one day Thanks for any advice, great photos.
        Cheers Gregg

        1. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

          I just checked the link to thje GPX file and it seems to download perfectly. Have you logged in before trying to download? I have posted the link to the file here:

          the area around Mount Cobbler has been impacted by the recent fires so I would certainly advise checking if the area is open before planning this one for Easter.

        2. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

          I was there in 2016 and the road was suitable for 2WD provided you have reasonable clearance. My suggestion is to call parks Victoria for the current road condition

        3. mount cobbler Erica Stuivenberg

          Ingrid Bishop I need to go back, minus the ITB injury ??

        4. mount cobbler Nicole Walsh

          Is this the my cobbler hike you and Julie have talked about doing again Darren?

        5. mount cobbler Vicki Lemonidis

          Jack Stanton ?

        6. mount cobbler Lynh Au

          Joshua Samuel Fiona Dietrich

        7. mount cobbler Julie Roberts

          Lake Cobbler area is still closed due to fire damage.

        8. mount cobbler Trail Hiking Australia

          Nicole Walsh you had better send me your schedule then so I can plan better.

        9. mount cobbler Kelly Campbell

          Patrick tomorrow?

      2. Hi, we are thinking about doing this but starting and ending from Lake Cobbler. I note that its a walk you made up. Some of it looks like its on track with other bits requiring navigation? or are there faint tracks to follow/navigate? If we started from lake Cobbler would King Hut be a good overnight spot? Water?

    6. mount cobbler Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Patrick. I have updated the description as per your suggestion. Thank you for this. I do recommend that all visitors to alpine or remote areas call parks Victoria during their pre-trip planning in order to ascertain whether or not roads are open as sometimes they are closed randomly (in all seasons) in order to carry out repairs.

      1. Hiked this 4-5 December, up the steep Muesli spur, up and up and up and then some steeper up …. but nothing crazy in terms of dangerous rock scrambles – definitely would NOT want to come down there to save the knees. That said if you really don’t want to walk down the somehwat boring 4WD track back to the car park you could go up and down Muesli. Camp area at saddle is beautiful and really sheltered even when the wind picked up at the summit. Views from summit amazing – although I don’t think we went to Cobbler proper but stayed on littel Cobbler, looks like a lot of scrambling to get to Cobbler late in the evening or early morning? Water at lake was a bit full of flies, filled up at the stream a little past the lake on the way up to plateau instead. Def worth walking to the waterfall although you end up looking down at it into the valley and don’t get the full waterfall appreciation. Camping at lake would be fine but it’s car accessible so it doesn’t have a great hiking-in feel.

      2. I intended to do this walk last week but the road was closed. I’d like to suggest that you change the paragraph opening “During winter, vehicles are not permitted to go any further than TBJ” to include “The roads beyond TBJ open from the Melbourne Cup weekend (first or second week of November). Call the National Park to confirm that the road will be open as fallen trees may also cause road closure.”

        We walked up Mt Stirling instead which was nice enough.

  • Thanks for the advice Darren.

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