Lerderderg Gorge via Link Tracks 1 and 2 (8.2km)

Lerderderg State Park



4 hrs

Grade 4



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0 Reviews on “Lerderderg Gorge via Link Tracks 1 and 2 (8.2km)”

Overall rating
  • Arun

    Good track, great views.. when you do the circuit start from right hand side facing through circuit sign after you cross the river at Grahams damage. . The hike the other way will be hard as the track can be slippery when wet. Highly recommended good for wet weather.

  • Jay Daluz

    Go time now..not dry!

  • Marija Marija

    Thanks Joe, will check it out ?

  • Carol Reid

    Great memories ? As they say those were the days.

    1. Great Trail!,
      The climb is challenging, I do not recommend playing tennis the day before but it was worth it!
      Looking to do it again with more water in the river

    2. Muhammad Naim

      If u came last week… water is hip high.. and strong stream..

    3. Sue Tran

      I was there 3 days ago and there was water

    4. Hi all

      First time on the site. Just completed this walk.
      Might be good to point out that you’ll need to Ford the river at both LER502 and LER503. Plenty of fording on this walk 😊. With today’s river height you would have very wet feet if you were in trainers (most people I saw on the trail were in trainers) . I’m glad I waxed my leather boots 🥾 last night, before the hike.

      In the hike summary, the author mentions that the Link 2 starts at LER504. It doesn’t really if you’re following the map 🗺 but it was a nice, but steep, shortcut that got you up to the spur. Once you get to the top, start heading southbound and be careful of being waylaid by the Link 2 orange trail markers (ended up going back north by mistake for a bit).

      I was using the Avenza app with the parks Victoria map 🗺

    5. Carol Reid

      Have lots of memories of going here with Mick Gary John Tank Cheryl

    6. Brian Cristina

      I’ve got all trails. I accidentally paid for it on the app store. But it’s a good app.

    7. Muhammad Naim

      Jay Daluz we live there .. been there done that cuz.. rain in week end its was very wrong time..

    8. Jay Lewis

      Karen Malloch time to lace up

    9. Danielle Meester

      Jake Saffa Baker I’ve camped here once.

    10. Vicki Simmons

      Keep your eye open for the white wombat!!

    11. Tim Woods

      Jo Tyson it does. Shame we missed that crossing and bush bashed up beside Link 2 on Sunday morning. Good for the soul but I am sore!

    12. Sharon Picking

      Looooove this hike. The view off link 1 back into the ranges in incredible.
      The climb up is tough but enjoyable.

    13. Angel De Lioncourt

      Love this one

    14. Kalissa Alexeyeff

      Loved it. Seemed so remote up the top

    15. Joe Greco

      Marija Marija

    16. Liz Pye

      Katherine Fry, Jo Harrison, Kalissa Alexeyeff – bring back memories? Still my favourite of our hikes.

    17. Lorelle Baylee

      Kyls This was our exact route the other week ?¸

  • Jo Tyson

    Martin Tim does this look familiar?

    1. Sean Carville

      Muhammad Naim awesome!

    2. Jay Daluz

      Muhammad Naim yeah bro …we know that track so well now

    3. Anita Karnakowski

      Mel Kel grade 3? We so fit lol

    4. Catherine Schubert

      Nichola Schubert

    5. Angela Izzard

      Roger John Hilton
      Simon Izzard

    6. Cheryl Nash

      Not a grade 3….fantastic walk

    7. Debbie Reissmann

      Peter Reissmann

    8. Mark Watson

      What an intriguing part of Victoria, at least for the Sydneysider ?
      Definitely worth a visit in the future when these ‘walking legs’ are kinda broken in…lol

    9. Diane Donoghue

      Tammy today! Spooky.

    10. Lorelle Baylee

      This is one of my regular favourite trails ?

    11. Rayhan Sudrajat

      Sooo Rima Gayatri Sudrajat Dewi Setyathi ?

    12. Carolyn Howard

      Susan Kro thank you. We got as far as Graham’s Dam. Plan to do the full circuit next time. It was just stunning ?

    13. Darren Edwards Post author

      Welcome to the site Jonathan and thanks for your comments. The link 2 track actually has two ascents. Parks Vic had never identified any of them so this trail covers the one that starts at LER504. Since erecting signage for the circuit walk they have now identified the track further to the north as a route. Both are shown on all maps I have.

      Thanks again for tour comments

      Cheers Darren Edwards

    14. Really nice walk with great views.

      It can get pretty challenging, and with a baby on my back, i’m very grateful we did the loop clockwise. There’s more to hold on to, and less loose gravel on the northern (Link Track 2) section.

    15. Amy Christopherson

      Sharon Picking ??
      Dave Pantalon

    16. Katherine Fry

      Yes, a wonderful adventure – I think it awakened a thirst in many of us for more.

    17. Martin Tyson

      yep, certainly feeling it today, physio was my best friend today!

    18. Anastasia Casagrande

      yes keen!!!

    19. Marija Marija

      Thanks Joe, will check it out ?

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