Conondale Range Great Walk (56km)

Conondale National Park



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  • I completed the Connondale Range Great Walk in October 2022. I found it be a beautiful walk with a range of points of interest throughout.

    As I don’t have a 4WD, I started the walk from Charlie Moreland Campground and Day Use area just to the North of the National Park. This was advised to be a safe place to leave my car and approximately 8km to the north of the designated trailhead. This variation did add a further 17km to my overall trip.

    Once I’d traversed the top of Mt Allan the trail down towards the trailhead was easy to follow and well shaded. If you intend to commence the walk from Booloumba Creek, be aware that the Day Use area where the walk commences from has been damaged by storms and is currently closed. It is suggested by QPWS to use Camping Area #3 just up stream however, these can be busy.

    Approximately two thirds of the walk uses Fire Trails and the remainder is on narrow footpads. Whilst a majority of the walk is well signed at intersections, some care is needed in the more remote sections of the forest as the trail does become faint at times due to the large amounts of leaf litter and tree falls. The section that I found the most challenging was the first few Kilometres of S2.

    The campsites were neat with drop toilets and rainwater tanks. I used the water from these tanks with puri-tabs without a problem. The tank at the Tallowood Campsite seemed faulty, so perhaps try and keep some extra water handy. Peter’s Falls is about 1.5km away being the closest good water source. The campsites should be booked via the QPWS website but are not expensive. If you’re planning on using the Topo map, obtain one before setting out as I could not find one in Maleny and were advised they have not been available for some time locally.

    My personal highlights were Artists Cascades and Summer Falls. I felt these were the most dramatic and accessible of the falls that I visited. Due to a late start and the extra time to traverse Mt Allan, I was late heading past the falls upstream of Artists Cascades.

    Given that most of the Trail is on fire trails and well prepared foot pads especially either side of Booloumba Creek Day Use Area, the times for traversing the sectors are generous. Due to deteriorating weather I chose to do S3 and S4 (amended to Charlie Moreland Day Use Area) in one day. In total I completed the walk, 73km, in 3 days.

    An alternative to completing the whole walk in one hit is to use the Booloumba Creek camping areas a base to do day or overnight walks to the various points of interest.

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Conondale Range Great Walk

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Conondale Range Great Walk

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