Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike (14.2km)

Beechworth Historic Park



5 hrs

Grade 3






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Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike
Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike

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Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike

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Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike

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Explore Safe

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3 Reviews on “Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike (14.2km)”

Overall rating
  • Avatar of Justin Nemeth Justin Nemeth

    This track was absolutely magic! Counted at least a dozen different types of wild flowers, koalas, foxes lizards and brightly coloured beetles. It’s a must do in the area. I’ll definately be going back.

  • Avatar of Leanne Mason Leanne Mason

    Toni Kelly

  • We did this magnificent walk yesterday. We went anticlockwise around the circuit in the park, but when you get to the pinnacle, the track is then closed not allowing you to complete the walk. The sign says they have closed the track from that point due to removing a footbridge for safety reasons. As the level in creeks was low at that time of year, we followed the track using accurate gpx map which was risky as you could hardly see the track. We got to the creek where the footbridge was and were able to step across rocks to the other side. We don’t recommend anyone else do this as it was very hard to follow the track.

  • Avatar of Pauline Farrow Pauline Farrow

    Tam Edwards this one looks great!

  • Avatar of Mikaela Roberts Mikaela Roberts

    Meg Fitzpatrick

  • Avatar of Tim Dennis Tim Dennis

    Decent trail… I hiked pretty much this entire route (Feb 2022) the bridge at “The Ponds” has been washed away and the trail says it’s closed, but as long as there hasn’t been raining heavy, the creek is small and easily jumped/forded (if you are travelling from Ingram’s Rock to the Woolshed Falls. I highly recommend the Mountain loop – Start at Powder Magazine sandstone building (edge of Beechworth) and go up to Ingram’s Rock, The Precipice, Spring Creek where The Ponds Track Crosses it (nice small pools there), The Cascades (really amazing), and the top of the Cascades where Gorge Rd crosses Spring Creek.

    The walk/trail from The Cascades to Woolshed Falls, is largely unspectacular… easy flat walk following the creek, some wooded areas, but a lot of the track is a small fire break rd along a fenceline onto cow country… only gets near the creek a couple of times. Good if you are up for a tramp, and early in the day or late in the arvo I imagine there would be roos or wallabies about… but mostly it’s not worth the walk.

    Woolshed Falls is pretty spectacular, and has lots of areas to explore, it does have carpark access, and bitumen rd to it, so if you are stuck for time, do the mountain loop at Ingram’s Rock / Cascades, and don’t worry about the Spring Creek walk to Woolshed Falls, just drive there later…

  • Avatar of Kylie Crawford Kylie Crawford

    Michael Crawford. This walk is on the to do list when we visit on our January holiday.

  • Avatar of Eliza Ijong Eliza Ijong

    Jacob Brusek

  • Great walk, went on the weekend of 22nd Jan, path closed between woolshed falls and deep creek due to recent flood damage to a section of path partially washed away. Great day!

  • Avatar of Stevie Nicole Florent Stevie Nicole Florent

    a hike to do before the vineyard David Burgess ?

  • Are you allowed to swim at any of those falls?

  • my wife is looking to make the trip across to beechworth from shepparton tomorrow 2/1/2020
    Cascades and Woolshed Falls, where can we find a decent map of the walking tracks?

  • Avatar of Henri Legrand Henri Legrand

    Cec , use OpenStreetMap for the treck , it’s an ‘open source appli’? and it’s more accurate !! ??

  • Avatar of Cacile TheTall Cacile TheTall

    Kat Bennett Jennifer Bevis Next Time!

  • Avatar of Robert Edwards Robert Edwards

    Is it a round trip or 1 way

  • Avatar of Suzie Sharp Suzie Sharp

    Let me know when you are free and we will book it in Leesa Swanson

  • Avatar of Leesa Swanson Leesa Swanson

    Suzie Sharp Joelene Gordon-Cooke Tracky Dax

  • Avatar of Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

    James Thomas

  • Avatar of Carolyn Bennett Carolyn Bennett

    One of our favourites…

  • Avatar of Sarah Flanagan Sarah Flanagan

    Ash Cochrane

  • Avatar of Cheryl Nash Cheryl Nash

    Hey Lynda looks good

  • Avatar of Mel Kel Mel Kel

    Anita Karnakowski

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Cascades & Woolshed Falls Hike

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