Guidelines for posting hikes

So you’re interested in posting a hike? Fantastic!

Please take a moment to read a few suggestions on posting hikes.

I have detailed below some guidelines for you to follow when preparing hikes to be posted. This will provide consistency and should make it very clear to all what the requirements of each hike are. If you are unsure please feel free to ask for assistance.

General event considerations

  1. Events that are easy/moderate are usually limited to 14-16 people maximum.
  2. Events that are difficult or overnight we ask questions about peoples capacity to undertake the hike and are limited at the discretion of the organiser between 10-12 people.
  3. Events open to RSVPs max 30 days before hike and close 2-3 days before hike. Commercial hikes may need much more notice though.
  4. We do not allow +1s on events for a number of reasons. The only change to this guideline is for ‘family friendly’ and commercially run events.
  5. You will need to be proactive in answering members questions about the event.
  6. Members without profile photos clearly showing their face are not allowed to attend hikes.
  7. As the event host you are entitled to run the hike your way and are asked to decline any members who you deem not suitable for that activity. Even on the day of the hike if they are not suitable prepared.
  8. It’s preferable you supply GPS mapping or links to maps to assist members.
  9. Feel free to post a hike or activity on the same day another is scheduled.
  10. Members who double book themselves on multiple hikes on the same day will be removed from all hikes on that given day with a warning issued.
  11. Family Friendly hikes should always be posted using the following text at the start of the description.

Note: this is a family friendly hike. You must RSVP with the number of children you are bringing as your guests. If you are not bringing children, you are not entitled to bring additional guests. All adult attendees need to be members.

  • We encourage the posting of multiple hikes on the same day in order to provide our members with access to as many opportunities as possible
  • While Trail Hiking Australia is predominently a hiking group we do encourage the posting of other outdoor events. The only proviso being that you have to be able to undertake them under your own steam. IE. No powered activities. This is a hiking group and at least 90% of the activities we host need to revolve around hiking.

Format of event description

Events should follow the format of other hikes in their description as outlined below.

Heading: Heading to have the distance, time and grade as well. e.g. Tanglefoot Track, Toolangi (Exploratory) 16.5km 5-6 hrs (Grade 3)

Introduction: Include a brief summary of the hike.

Trip Type: Hike

Grade: Grade 4 (Moderate/Difficult) Refer here for grading information.

Time: Meet at 8:30am. Start at 08:45am sharp, Walking time should be over 5 hours.

Approx. Distance: 15.2km

Costs: Nil

Meeting Location: Mackenzies Flat picnic area.

Getting there: Follow the Western Freeway and turn off at the Bacchus Marsh-Gisborne exit. Drive 1.8km towards Gisborne then turn left along Lerderderg Gorge Road and follow it 5.4km to MacKenzies Flat picnic area.

Suggested items to pack: Day Pack with Picnic Lunch and at least 2Ltrs or water. Inform people to be prepared. Refer them to this link:

General info: Detail any special requirements for hikes, provide links to topo maps, gpx files, everytrail etc

We ask that whenever you post an event you include this disclaimer as the final item.

Disclaimer: It is important that you take the time to read a few documents relating to our terms and conditions and Code of Conduct. By joining an event you indicate your acceptance of these terms.

Attending Our Hikes

Event Risks and Waiver of Liability

Paid Event Policy

  1. Any paid events state in the description that members will be liable for costs associated with 3rd parties for late pull-outs, costs incurred, liabilities. Where feasible adding questions such with members feedback required to ensure they know their obligations are added to these meetups.
  2. All members joining PAID events are automatically put on waiting list;
  3. Members required to pay and then moved to attending list. These payments can be made by any of the following methods (up-to you as the organiser.
    • Payment directly to 3rd parties and notification to organiser on payment (preferred)
    • Payment via direct Debit to organiser to track money. You will then need to pay the 3rd party provider.. Members confirmed paid are then moved to the GOING list;
  4. Members non-payments/difficulties etc are to be reported to the Meetup Group Organiser for follow up with the member and an appropriate course of action will be followed.