Guidelines for Posting Hikes

So you’re interested in posting a hike? Fantastic!

Please take a moment to read a few suggestions on posting hikes.

I have detailed below, a few suggestions when preparing hikes to be posted. These suggestions are based on my own experience leading hikes and will help provide a consistent approach for all organisers and attendees.

  1. Understand how to grade your hike.
  2. Events that are easy/moderate (grade 2-3) I usually limit to 14-16 people.
  3. Events that are difficult (grade 4-5), overnight or multi-day, I suggest you ask questions about peoples capacity to undertake the hike and limit the number of attendees to 8-10 people.
  4. If you can, open RSVPs at least two weeks before the hike and close RSVPs 2-3 days before the hike. This gives you enough time to plan for last minute drop offs.
  5. Be proactive in monitoring your hike and answer members questions about the event.
  6. As the event host you are entitled to run the hike your way and I suggest you decline any members who you deem not suitable for that activity, even on the day of the hike, if they are not suitably prepared.
  7. It’s a good idea, when posting the hike, to link to the original source so that members can conduct their own research.
  8. Feel free to post a hike or activity on the same day another is scheduled. The more, the merrier.
  9. Try, as best you can, to complete all fields in the hike submission form and include a great image of the trail.
  10. If you have an comments and/or suggestions please feel free to get in touch with me directly.

Have a fantastic hike and thanks for helping others to discover their next adventure.