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    Darren Edwards

    Organising a hike can be really rewarding. Even though you are technically not leading the hike, there are various things members may expect from you. This page will help you meet the needs of members for the duration of each event you organise. Here’s a few quick tips.

    • Arrive early to meet and greet other members and get ready to start on time.
    • Take attendance so that you know the size of your group.
    • Be sensitive to late arrivals, do a quick check of the parking lot to see if there are any hikers who may be joining your group.
    • When you’re ready to begin, gather the group, introduce yourself and the trail, outlining any challenges they are likely to face. Have every member confirm they are happy to meet these challenges (if any).
    • Ensure that everyone it suitably equipped and is carrying enough water for the hike.
    • Remind attendees about waiting for the entire group at trail junctions and ask them to tell someone if they need to go to the toilet while on the trail. It is a good idea to advise them to leave their pack on the trail, where they, so you know where to start looking if they go missing.
    • Should a hiker have a child who needs a break on the hike, pause the hike. Give them a chance to try to stay with the group. Speak with them one-on-one and see if they would prefer to have one person stay with them to finish the hike or stick with the group. Use your best judgement as it is always best to keep the group together.
    • If someone is not feeling well or has a medical situation, be sure that someone capable walks that hiker back to their car, waits with them until they feel okay, and then get their number and check in with them later in the day.
    • Be familiar with the recommended Code of Conduct. It helps to know what’s expected of attendees.
    • Go and have fun!
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