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    Darren Edwards

    Organising a hike can be really rewarding. Even though you are technically not leading the hike, there are various things members may expect from you. This page will help you meet the needs of members for the duration of each event you organise. Here’s a few quick tips.

    • Know the trail and route you’re taking members on. You should have researched the trail and be familiar with it before taking members there. I.e. don’t get lost! If you plan an “exploratory” style event, clearly say so in your write-up!
    • Try to post your event approximately two weeks prior to your event date. (This is a rough guideline. Multi-day hikes may require longer notice to organise effectively). I have found in general that shorter notice yields less attendance. Longer time-frames often means people forget they signed up and  fail to show on the day, so keep this in mind also.
    • Accurately describe the event when you post it (distance, duration, grade, style, summary, location, directions, etc.). Look at other events on our calendar for examples and read the information on how to post a hike.
    • Call and check trail conditions with the land manager of the park or region that you plan to enter. This is necessary for hikes in alpine area where snow and/or bush fire can cause trail closures.
    • Check the weather conditions and bush-fire warnings a couple of days ahead of your event.
    • Follow comments on the event page and try to answer any questions that arise from members.
    • Must have item: PLB, Map and Compass or alternate navigation tools.
    • Nice to have: Mobile phone, GPS, first-aid kit, extra water.


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