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    Darren Edwards

    Leading a hike is not always as simple as strapping on your pack and expecting the rest of the group to follow. There are different levels of fitness, capabilities, experience, skills, personalities and pace of individuals to consider when keeping your hiking group together.

    A regular problem that can occur in larger hiking groups is that the group can easily spread out as the hike progresses. Some of your party will get chatting, some will stop to take photos, some are faster over rocky terrain or rock scrambles, some are simply fitter than others and can maintain a faster pace. Inevitably, a gap between the lead and whip of your group opens up and the main role of the group leader is to make sure that the gap doesn’t get so wide as to become unmanageable to the point where one part of the group can’t locate the other.

    Whether you hike with hiking friends or with a large group this is a potential challenge that you need to prepare for. Check out these tips here.

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