Choosing & Fitting Your Footwear

New footwear may feel a little stiff at first, but it should still be comfortable. Footwear can adjust to your foot’s width but has a fixed length, so a good fit for your toes and heels is what you’re looking for. Shop for boots late in the day as your feet will be a little swollen, just like they will be after walking a long distance.

How to check a good fit:

  • Test the flex of the sole at the ball of the foot (allow for initial stiffness).
  • When trying on, wear the sock layering that you intend to be using later.
  • If one foot is larger than the other (which is not unusual), fit the larger one first. For the smaller foot you can later compensate with socks.
  • When laced firmly, the lace holes must be well separated.
  • The heels should not rise in the boots during knee bends.
  • Your toes must be free to wriggle and should not touch the front of the boots.
  • No side movement of the ball of the foot should be noticeable.

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