• Length: 14.2km

  • Duration: 5hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Woolshed Falls Picnic Area

  • End: Woolshed Falls Picnic Area

  • Closest Town: Beechworth

  • Location: Beechworth Historic Park

  • Distance from state capital: 292km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -36.3193524400

  • Longitude: 146.6688591200


Cascades and Woolshed Falls is a 14.2km, grade 2 Circuit hike located in Beechworth Historic Park Victoria. The hike should take approximately 5hrs to complete.


The Cascades and Woolshed Falls circuit is located within the Beechworth Historic Park and has a rich gold mining past easily explored by foot.

Commencing at the car park follow the woolshed falls trail north. Woolshed Falls is best viewed in early summer when the flow will be low enough to clamber over the upstream cascades and maybe even to the pool downstream. At these times you can walk right alongside the falls on bare rock and watch the arc of water spray out into the air right in front of you. Access to the falls is quite unrestricted so take some time to explore this area. There is a viewing platform located high above the downstream pool with a good overview of the falls. After leaving the falls follow a short walking track from the car park to a very long cut through the rock perpendicular to the main creek, which is a further remnant of past gold mining.

Follow the Woolshed Falls Historic Walk south east over Spring Creek and down towards the Reedy Creek Sluice Lookout. Continue to follow the Historic Walk in a southerly direction over McFeeters Road and onto the Cascade to Woolshed Falls trail. The trail continues south through Reids Creek Goldfield. Other than a few shafts and some alluvial mining sites, little can be seen of what was once the richest goldfield in the area. The trail continues parallel to Spring Creek to the Diversion Dam which was built to divert water from a gully into a water race where it could be used for mining operations. Not far past the dam you will reach the cascades which is a series of waterfalls from which Spring Creek drops down into the valley below.

After the cascades you will cross the Spring Creek bridge and will walk a short distance along Gorge Road. Rejoining the trail after a short distance, continue towards the granite tors and The Powder Magazine to the junction of Gorge and Skidmore Roads. Turning left, head east along Gorge Road for approximately 900m and locate One Tree Track on your left. Follow the trail north a short distance before turning west and heading to the lookout at the top of One Tree Hill, aptly named for the solitary mature red stringy bark which survived the miners need for timber. Retrace your steps, turning left at One Tree Track and head north towards Ingram’s Rock.

Continue to follow the walking trail north then south west towards The Precipice which provides excellent views of the former Reids Creek goldfield. The trail continues south west over Spring Creek before turning right at the junction of the Cascade to Woolshed Falls trail. from here, simply retrace your earlier route north over McFeeters Road following the Historic Walk back toy the carpark

Getting there

Beechworth Historic Park is located adjacent to the town of Beechworth in north east Victoria. The park is approximately 3.5 hours from Melbourne and 30 minutes from Wangaratta (Melway Ref: 522 E6). Turn onto McFeeters Road off the Chiltern Beechworth Road. Turn right onto Woolshed Falls Road and park at the Falls picnic area.


Total distance: 14194 m
Max elevation: 568 m
Min elevation: 300 m
Total climbing: 384 m
Total descent: -384 m
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12 thoughts on “Cascades and Woolshed Falls (14.2km)

  1. Great walk, went on the weekend of 22nd Jan, path closed between woolshed falls and deep creek due to recent flood damage to a section of path partially washed away. Great day!