Bumble Hill Dray track (Greta Rd to Forest Road to Yarramalong)
  • Length: 5.6km

  • Duration: 2 hrs 45 mins

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: One way

  • Start: 273 Greta Rd, Kulnura

  • End: 1 Bumble Hill Rd, Yarramalong

  • Closest Town: Yarramalong

  • Location:

  • Distance from state capital: 88.9 km

  • State: NSW

  • Latitude: -33.2401850148

  • Longitude: 151.2479412799


Bumble Hill Dray track is a 5.6km, grade 4 One way hike located in  New South Wales. The hike should take approximately 2 hrs 45 mins to complete.


This section of the Great North Walk explores a section of the historic Bumble Hill Dray track. You will walk along the edge of ridge mostly through an open dry eucalypt forests and occasionally through moist ferny gullies as well as alongside the base of a tall rock wall. Bumble Hill Dray track was cut during the mid 1800â’s to allow teams of bullocks to haul felled cedar to Mangrove Creek where a barge would take it to Sydney. The oxen are now long gone but this is a great way to lead into the small Yarramalong township.

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