What are the most common Australian travel options when enjoying the great outdoors?

Boasting a total land mass of an incredible 7.69 million square kilometres, Australia is truly massive. This is one of the reasons why some of its remote internal regions have yet to be fully explored. However, such a sense of expansive mystery has also allured hikers and outdoors enthusiasts for centuries. There are numerous factors to take into account if you happen to be planning such a journey and one of the most important is your travel options. What possibilities exist and what are a handful of benefits associated with each method?


You might very well need to take an aeroplane if you happen to be travelling across the continent or the planned route is not associated with conventional roads. Airlines are cheap, safe and convenient options. There are hundreds of flights available on a daily basis, so dealing with a tight schedule may not be a problem.

Car Hire Services

There is nothing quite like the appeal of the open road. Australia offers a wide range of car hire services and these are great ways to arrive at a specific destination before setting off on a long hiking trek. Cars are also able to access areas that might otherwise be limited due to few public transportation options. You can choose from a host of different vehicles and price ranges depending upon your budget.


Australia is home to a number of port cities. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle are a handful of common examples. Why not take a cruise between such destinations in order to fully enjoy the lap of luxury? While cruises might be known for their slow pace, the fact of the matter is that most individuals who opt for such a journey are not in a rush. On the contrary the means of transportation is the holiday itself. Cruised can also be great ways to relax before and after a grueling hike; providing your body with some much-needed rest and recovery.

Trail Hiking Australia Travel


Of course, let’s not forget that you can travel by train too. Trains are excellent opportunities to see the countryside and to experience nature at eye level as opposed to offshore cruises or flying high above the landscape. In fact, many train routes have now become famous for their timeless elegance and their luxury. These could also be a wise choice if you are taking an excursion with a group of friends, as you will be able to congregate in areas such as dining and bar cars.

Civilisation has been forever transformed thanks to the presence of these technologies. Journeys that would have been fraught with danger and required weeks to complete are now everyday experiences for millions of individuals. If you are looking to get away from it all, there is no doubt that one of the options described above will make an excellent and logical choice.

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