• Length: 15.5km

  • Duration: 5-6hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Bullocky's Dam

  • End: Bullocky's Dam

  • Location: D'Aguilar National Park

  • Closest Town: Brisbane

  • Distance from CBD: 28km

  • State: QLD

  • Latitude: -27.40038

  • Longitude: 152.80070

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The Augies’s Circuit is a 15.5km, grade 3 circuit hike located in the D’Aguilar National Park, Queensland. The hike should take approximately 5-6 hours to complete.


D’Aguilar is a National Park in Queensland, Australia, northwest of Brisbane. The southern part of the park was formerly known as Brisbane Forest Park, while the northern part of the park is at Mount Mee.

The park contains eucalypt woodlands, sheltered pockets of subtropical rainforest, a number of gorges and views of Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains. The Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre is located at the edge of the park. There are two formal, vehicle accessible camping areas in the Mount Mee section and eight remote bush camping sites (accessible only by walking) in the southern D’Aguilar (formerly Brisbane Forest Park) section.

Woodlands and dry eucalypt forests predominate on the drier, shallower soils of the park’s foothills. Spotted Gum (Corymbia variegata) and Narrow-leaved Ironbark are two of the main species. There are also small areas of heath and ridges dominated by grass trees (Xanthorrhoea spp). Remnant pockets of lowland rainforest occur in the valleys along some of the watercourses.

At higher altitudes the forests become more complex due to the increased rainfall and generally deeper soils. These mid-altitude forests are dominated by Grey Gum, Pink Bloodwood and Brush Box. Occasional rainforest species are also present and there is a thick understorey of ferns, vines and shrubs.

Moist sub-tropical rainforest grows on the highest parts of the range where the rainfall is two-thirds greater than in the foothills, particularly on the rich basaltic soils north of Mt Glorious. Huge strangler figs (Ficus watkinsiana) can be seen emerging through the canopy.

There are numerous shorter and longer walks in well established tracks throughout the park. Augie’s Circuit is moderately long walk of 16km meandering down from Mt Nebo into a creek on the foothills, and back up. The total ascent (and descent) is rougly 550m. Tracks are well established and easy to follow, and there is signage in most intersections.

Start the circuit at Bullocky’s Dam 500m West of Jolly’s Lookout. Head down South Boundary Road for a couple of kilometres avoiding turn offs on right until you reach Augies Road on the right. Continue on Augies’s road approximately 4km to Creek Road Intersection with a Water tank just before intersection. Chuck a left on Creek Road and descend into creek (with caution). Continue on Creek road uphill 2km (this sounds a lot better than it feels) until you arrive at Gold Creek Boundary Break Intersection, turn left and in another 100m to turn left onto South Boundary Road. Follow 1.6km until Scrub Road Intersection. The Scrub Road Bush camp is here with a storm shelter and fireplace. This is about 2/3 through the distance with the hardest part of the hike done. Great time for a break and something to eat. Continue along South Boundary Road for 3.8km, passing Augies Road on left and retrace your steps to Bullockys Dam. Time for a beer.

Getting There

Head up Mt. Nebo road from Walkabout Creek visitor centre for approximately 17km along Mount Nebo Road. You will pass Jolly’s Lookout on your left, and about 500m after that there is a road entry to South Boundary Road and Bullocky’s dam – the size of a small swimming pool – on your left.

Park at the dam, but make sure to leave room for rangers to pass onto the tracks when parking.


  • Stop at Walkabout Creek visitor centre for a topo map of D’Aguilar National Park. The park is large, so it pays to know where you are.
  • Pace yourself… The track heads down, and what goes down, must come back up.
  • 16km is a long hike – make sure you’re prepared with enough food and water.
  • Track may be muddy in rain.
  • There is a rain water tank at Scrub Road Bush Camp for emergency refills.

Contributed by Markus Jarvinen

Total distance: 15443 m
Max elevation: 531 m
Min elevation: 155 m
Total climbing: 711 m
Total descent: -708 m
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