• Length: 13.4km

  • Duration: 6.5hrs

  • Grade: 3-4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Warburton

  • End: Warburton

  • Location: Mount Donna Buang

  • Closest Town: Warburton

  • Distance from CBD: 75km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.74978944

  • Longitude: 145.6845102

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Warburton to Mount Donna Buang via Mount Victoria is a 13.4km, grade 3-4 circuit hike, located in Mount Donna Buang, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 6.5hrs to complete.

Hike Summary

If you're up to it, it is very satisfying to climb the mountain right from the bottom. This walk is a bit of a 'Hero Hike' for people training for long trips. The 1,100 metre ascent is long and steep, the only steeper walk nearby is the track up Mount Juliet. While it is all on reasonable tracks, the walk is rated medium-hard. Fit people should be able to do the 7 km climb in 4 hours, while the downhill return by almost the same route will take about 2½ hours

Initially the walk drops down through forest to a creek before heading north along a fence line next to a paddock. At the top of the paddock, the track turns east for ashort distance before heading into forest for a minute to meet a disused aqueduct. Cross the aqueduct and keep climbing. The track unrelentingly heads straight up the mountain, mostly through Mountain Ash forest. 4 km from the end of Martyr Road, cross the sealed Donna Buang Road and continue up a gravel road to a phone tower. At the end of road continue along a well defined walking track. After 500 metres you will get to the rather flat top of Mount Victoria and the climbing ends! The next 2 km are gently undulating. At a junction, ignore the track heading south to 10 Mile and head north west towards the final 500 m climb to the summit. If you have the energy, it is worthwhile to climb the 21 metre observation tower.

If you haven't arranged a lift down, have a rest and either go back the way you came, diverting via 10 mile and a short walk on the sealed road. If you want to have a long, epic day, take the Cement Creek track down to the road junction and walk down the Acheron Way towards Warburton for just over 3 km to where it crosses the aqueduct. Leave the road and head west along the aqueduct walking track until you come to the well signposted track back to the top of Martyr Road. Retrace the first 500 metres of the days walk downhill to where you left your car.


Mount Donna Buang (1250 metres) is the nearest snowfield to Melbourne. The tall ash forests on it's slopes were harvested at the turn of the 20th century and the timber was moved by a network of tramlines and cable haulages. The industry took off in 1901 with the completion of the railway to Warburton.. Before the Second World War, Doona was also a minor ski resort with cleared runs, a huge ski jump and four ski lodges. In 1935 12,000 watched ski races on Donna. However the snow was never terribly reliable and after the war, two of the lodges that survived the 1939 fires were moved to the more dependable snowfield at Mount Buller, while the ruins of another can be seen at the foot of an old ski run.

Today most of the mountain is parkland. It is a accessed by a sealed road and is a popular tourist destination. In winter it attracts families to play in the snow. There is a 21 metre high lookout tower on the summit accessed by a strange double helix staircase. From the top there are impressive views of the mountains and forests, as well as the farmlands and towns of the Yarra Valley.

While you can drive to the top, there are a number of walking tracks up the mountain. One is a long day hike from Dom Dom Saddle, another begins at the aptly named Martyr Road in Warburton while a third starts half way up, near the Cement Creek Rainforest Gallery. There is also an easier option of a scenic walk near the summit.

Summary provided by: David Sisson | www.australianmountains.com/donnabuang/#10

About the region

Mount Donna Buang is a mountain in the southern reaches of the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, Victoria. Approximately 80 kilometres from Melbourne with an elevation of 1,245 metres, Mount Donna Buang is the closest snowfield to Melbourne. The summit features a lookout tower which is 21 metres high and offers panoramic views over Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Dandenong and Cathedral Ranges, Mount Baw Baw and the Alps. It is also a popular picnic area and starting point for walks on the mountain.

The picnic area has gas barbecues, fireplaces, picnic tables, toilets and a lookout.

Getting there

From Melbourne drive along the Warburton Highway, B380, to Warburton. As you enter the town, turn left on to a bridge which crosses the Yarra River. Immediately turn right along Dammans Road and take the first turn to the left onto Martyr Road. Drive to the top of this very steep road next to the golf course and park at the corner where the road turns right and becomes Wellington Road.

GPX File

Total distance: 13421 m
Max elevation: 1252 m
Min elevation: 205 m
Total climbing: 1129 m
Total descent: -1129 m
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29 thoughts on “Warburton to Mt Donna Buang via Mt Victoria (13.4km)

  1. We’ve done this one many times. First during training for Everest Base Camp, then the Inca Trail, then Kilimanjaro. We park one car where the track crosses the road, then drive the other car back down to the bottom. Then we walk to the summit and back down to the road. We still get all of the training done without having to risk the slippery parts on the way down. (It gets very muddy in winter.)

    1. Hi Simon. Took me around 5.5hrs last time I did it but time will depend on the group size and track conditions. If doing it in winter I’d allow up to 6.5 hrs for the return hike as the muddy trail will slow you down.

    2. Well there ya go, I’ve just signed up to do Everest base camp, so sounds perfect training ground ! We have booked in luxury escapes 14 day trek and now I am a bit worried about it all !!!

    3. Hey Neil, we did Everest Base Camp in Fed last year. You will love it. Best of luck with the training.

    1. Thanks Neil. Unfortunately nothing is every fool proof, it kind of why people are called fools. The trail is reasonably well marked and well worn. I have friends who are not great at navigation and they had to trouble at all with this trail. It is only the section where it crosses the road (after the initial climb) that you have to look out for the track on the opposite side of the road.

    2. Made it Darren, thanks for all your help, seemed to be fool proof as tracks very well marked and easy to find, did the loop in just over 5 hours, glad we started at 8am as beat the rain and finished with a nice coffee and cake at The Pantry in Warby whilst it poured down, delish coffee and carrot cake. Was beautifuly and not as hard as I though although sore calves today…one thing, bloody leeches got us, never experienced them before, they make ya bleed for a few hours ! Next time we go might have to avoid the Mt Victoria loop to summit, unless you know how to prevent leeches from hitching a ride !?

    3. Hi Neil, really glad you enjoyed the circuit and managed to beat the rain. That’s always a bonus. Re the leeches, They do make you bleed for hours. One thing I generally do is put a lot of insect repellent around your neck, feet, ankles and lower calves. Even spraying some onto your socks helps prevent them from attacking. Just ensure you buy one that clearly states that it repels leeches.

  2. A mate and I did this trail yesterday. At the Golf Course ‘park’ where the trail starts the sign says 12km. We went up and back exactly the same way and it is 16km in total. Took us from 945am to 440pm with a 40 min break at the DB Tower. Both carrying about 8-9kg pack and poles. Track quite easy to follow and was quite dry. Enough up and down and level parts to make it a pleasant work. Not many car parks at the start though – maybe 3 cars only.

  3. I did this last week. The trail was really muddy and overgrown at places. There was also a lot of fallen trees/branches. Otherwise it was a really good workout ?

  4. “If you want to have a long, epic day, take the Cement Creek track down to the road junction and walk down the Acheron Way towards Warburton for just over 3 km to where it crosses the aqueduct. Leave the road and head west along the aqueduct walking track until you come to the well signposted track back to the top of Martyr Road.”

    Looking at maps, it appears that Acheron Way doesn’t directly intersect with the aqueduct and goes way off!? It looks like there is another track (Road 3) that does lead off and down to the aqueduct, presumably this is the alternate way down? It looks like a pretty lengthy walk, has anyone done it?

  5. Never mind Darren! Sometimes I just can’t wait to go for a hike… Did it today, including the Cement Creek track down to the aqueduct. Cement Creek itself is still kind of marked with orange triangles for a little way, but then orange tape and small red plastic core triangles lead the way. It is very overgrown, washed away and covered with huge trees. At the beginning, from the top there is a Parks Vic no acces/ track closed sign though… Road 3 is a Yarra Water road “authorised access” only. Had gone too far not to just do it, linked me right on to the aqueduct as planned! At this point I ran out of water so the aqueduct walk wasn’t as pleasant as it otherwise would have been. Looks like the deer are absolutely out of control, signs of them everywhere along the sides of the aqueduct, degrading the concrete edges. Certainly wasn’t game on refilling from one of the many creeks. What a day! Roughly a total of 27 km, now the biggest day hike I’ve done.


  6. I did this trail today in the snow and took the Cement Creek track down. The Cement Creek track has been closed and not maintained, so very overgrown but still marked.

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