Trip Report – Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail – Winter 2022

Trip Report – August 2022

Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail

As regular hikers, we thought it was was high time that we got out of our comfort zone and did something different. So we decided that riding was the thing to do and the Camperdown to Timboon rail trail was going to be the place to do it. It was actually a really good winter activity, if you get the weather right, cool & fine was the forecast.

Now not having done any riding for a year or more, we thought it would be a good idea to try out E-bike. So Lindon & Sandra at ‘Ride With Us’ were able to provide us with both, the Ebikes & a transfer to a suitable location out from Camperdown so we could ride the 30km back. A little trial ride in the car park was undertake, to make sure that we understood how the Ebike function; which wasn’t too hard at all.

So off we set on a good gravel track. Beyond the boarder of trees along the trail, it was certainly a rural scene with lots of green grass & cows. At Cobden, we thought a small detour to the local bakery for a hot chocolate & slice was well worth.

Finally we entered more bush as we used a series of bridges to criss-cross the creek. Originally there were 4 small trestle bridges used for the railway but all are in various stages of disrepair and now stand dormant showing testimony to the engineering skills that was used at the end of the 19th century. There was a waterfall and cascades which were pretty cool. Also, along this section, there were still see some rails & sleepers present.

Then you reach & ride over the showpiece, the renovated 200mt long trestle bridge over the Curdies River. Much work was done over a decade ago to secure its immediate future. It’s such a great asset to the rail trail.

The last 5km takes you through a lovely part of the valley. Still tree lined but passing more farms until you get to the outskirts of Timboon.

We had a great ride on the Ebikes. There were plenty of things to keep us interested; a good track, appealing countryside, glimpses of the past with bridges & station sidings, interpretive signage and a really cool destination.

After reaching the bike shed, and returning the Ebikes, there are so many places in this little village that you can grab a well-earned treat. So then we set off to visit as many as we could, lol. ~ 🍺 🌮 ☕ ~ (AD~2022)

Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail

If you’re looking for transport options and need a lift to or from the rail trail, Ride With Us is a taxi and transport service for solo hikers, pairs and small groups of up to 8 people. Pick up and drop off service is available from any location, at any time of day. Ride With Us provides transfer services to and from the Timboon to Camperdown Rail Trail, 12 Apostles Trail, train stations, airports, campgrounds, accommodation or to and from your car. For bookings of 1 to 4 people Ride With Us will provide a comfortable sedan or van. For bookings of 5 to 8 people they will provide transport in a comfortable van and can bring a luggage trailer for packs and hiking gear. Large group transfers of up to 42 people are also available upon enquiry.

Most of the trail is tree-lined and so access the trail is closed on high wind and code red fire danger days. Please check weather conditions before setting off on your hike.

Visit to find out more about transport for hikers as well as bicycle transport or bicycle hire or for more details about the Timboon to Camperdown Rail Trail.

Poem ~ ‘Ride With Us’

We wandered what we should do on a cool winters day;
A ride in the Western District enjoying some scenery along the way?

Not having ridden a bike for a year, an Ebike was the logical answer;
So organized with Ride With Us to hire two as well as a transfer.

Arrived at the Timboon bike shed quite sure the rain had ended;
With bikes & riders transported, a short test ride & confidence gendered.

With an easy gradient, we set off on the rail-trail in a southerly direction;
On each side bordered by trees which provided us with good protection.

Upon reaching Cobden, a detour to the bakery was a must;
A hot chocolate & a slice was enough to fortify us.

Riding through dairy farms with cows grazing on grass so green;
Passing several dams a variety of waterbirds could be seen.

In bushland several small bridges helped criss-cross the creek;
There’s even a few small cascades and a waterfall if that’s what you seek.

Several moss covered trestle bridges that are remnants of the past;
Rotting wood & rusting metal stand dormant – how long will they last?

Surprised to still see some rails on sleepers stuck fast;
Passing old stations & sidings reminding us of an era long past.

It was in 1986 that the Timboon Railway did cease;
The restored trestle bridge over the Curdies River is the showpiece.

Timboon has an array of ‘treats’ once trail completed and bikes returned;
Pub, lolly shop, ice-creamery & cafes awaited us, it has been well earned treat

Riding the Camperdown Timboon trail was a great day as photos will show;
As regular hikers, it was good to give something different ago.


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