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20 MARCH 2016

I would like to introduce you to a new online resource,

This site offers expanded, in-depth trail information on hike planning and trails throughout Victoria in a user-friendly format.

Hiking is my passion and Trail Hiking is my way of sharing this passion with fellow adventurers.

“Hiking is something I have always enjoyed. Over the past few years I have tracked every trip, taken photos of my hikes, written trail notes and now lead two large hiking groups so that I can share my passion with like-minded people. After chatting with fellow hikers, and through searching for new adventures for myself I realised how difficult it was to find useful information about hiking. As I have been busy recording all of my hikes I thought what better way to share my resource than to create a website for others to enjoy. As such, Trail Hiking was born”. currently offers detailed information on more than 180 hikes throughout Victoria, including trail descriptions, key features, pictures, maps, gpx files, elevation profiles and more. Additionally, the site is organised to make it easier for hikers to compare and choose trails that best suit their hiking preferences. Before the launch of, hikers had difficulty finding detailed web-based trail information. Most existing sites list only a handful of the most popular trails, and provide only limited information without regard to individual hikers’ skill level or preferences.

With my site, hikers can search for trails based on location, trail grading, distance, or they can simply view an alphabetical listing. hosts gpx files for all trails so that you can easily navigate the trail and to the trail head itself. This information will benefit any day or overnight hiker; including people looking for a short stroll to a nearby lake, to the long distance hiker looking to visit the Alpine National Park.

Currently the site provides detailed information on close to 170 hikes throughout Victoria and is expanding daily. Trail Hiking’s goal is to become the most comprehensive source for free information on hiking trails throughout Australia, including gear reviews, helpful tips and planning advice. In order to do this, I am seeking the support of the community to visit the site, review and comment on existing trails and submit their favourite trails and gpx files for inclusion on the site.

This is a non-commercial, community focussed project that I have developed in my spare time and the site has been and always will be free to use. I am hoping you can help to promote this site.

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