Plan your hike for the slowest person. One that is suitable for everyone in your party and let the slower person set the pace. There is nothing more frustrating and potentially dangerous than a slow hiker falling behind the group.


31 thoughts on “Plan your hike for the slowest person

    1. That is a really good point and one that all leaders should pay attention to. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the entire group to catch their breath and only head off again when the last person has indicated that are ok to proceed

  1. so nice to hear this. i m slow but hv loads of stamina. was so bullied on my last hike, i’ve stopped hiking. i got to every destination but one in the max allocated time but was made to feel like @$&)

    1. Don’t let people put you off hiking, I’m sorry you were bullied. I can’t believe a leader would do that to you. Try hiking again with Trail Hiking.

  2. Our method (which we’ve used with both guides and scouts) is to aim to have the slower hikers leading. They get to set the pace. Group items that need to be carried are also redistributed to the stronger hikers, which also helps even out the effort level.

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