Mount Dandenong Triple Track Ascent
  • Length: 13.2km

  • Duration: 3-4hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Glasgow Road Carpark

  • End: Glasgow Road Carpark

  • Closest Town: Kilsyth South

  • Location: Dandenong Ranges

  • Distance from state capital: 32km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.831528

  • Longitude: 145.333647

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Bitumen Road

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Mount Dandenong Triple Track Ascent is a 13.2km, grade 4 circuit hike located in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 3-4hrs to complete.



This fantastic training hike involves a triple ascent of Mt Dandenong via 3 different routes, covering 11.6km and an elevation gain of 938 metres and all so close to Melbourne! This is not for the faint hearted and ONLY suited to those that currently have a good level of fitness. You will need poles, gaiters, high-energy food, 2L of water and every ounce of willpower you can muster!

Car parking is available at the corner of Glasgow Road and Sheffield Road in Kilsyth South which people that have climbed the Glasgow Track will be familiar with.

All 3 ascents will start at the Glasgow Track trailhead where many will have seen 3 trails, but only ever headed up the Glasgow Track. Why not take all 3!

The route plan

1. Head left on Singleton Track and turn right onto Link Track, heading uphill for around 300 metres. Turn left onto Fireline Track and continue for approximately 10 minutes along a wide undulating path with some steep sections until you reach Jens Hellish Ascent. Jens is not sign posted but is easy to identify, as it is a very steep wide gravel path on your right. Jens is a SERIOUS hill climb, likely to be the most challenging in the Dandenongs due to the limited traction on it. There are occasional flattened areas on the left of the track if you need a break and a dirt track on the right if gravity and traction are making things too hard. If you take the dirt track, use your gaiters as you are sharing the beautiful environment with many creatures, including snakes. If you see one, leave it alone. At the top of Jens, turn right walking passed the Kyeema memorial to the top of the Glasgow Track which you will descend all the way down to the trailhead. I recommend that you use poles on the way down.

2. At the trailhead, take the unnamed track on your right until you reach Camelia Track where you will turn right. Walk for around 500 metres until you reach Birthday Hill Track where you turn left. The first section is a meandering track with steep sections. The second section after you cross Dacite Track becomes even steeper and continues to wind its way up to the Channel 10 TV tower. At the top, turn left and in 100 metres you will be able to enjoy the magnificent views across the suburbs to Port Phillip Bay and the CBD from Burke’s Lookout. After catching your breath, continue straight ahead passed the Glasgow Track and the Kyeema wreck site along Kyeema Track for around 1.4 kilometres to the top of Jen’s Hellish Ascent which you will descend. I recommend using poles or the dirt track on the left hand side to maintain safe traction. At the bottom, head left on Fireline Track and reverse the directions that you took earlier, turning right at Link Track then left at Singleton Track back to the trailhead.

3. If you’ve still got energy to burn after the first two ascents, head straight up the well known Glasgow Track (you’ve done the tracks to the left and right meaning that it’s the one in the middle!) which is comprised of 3 sections which are all steep and rocky. Once at the top, head right, passing Burke’s Lookout and head down the Birthday Hill Track located across from the Channel 10 TV tower. At the bottom of the 2 sections, turn right onto Camelia Track and walk for 500 metres to the unmarked track on your left that you took earlier which takes you back down to the trailhead. If you miss it, you will shortly arrive at the Glasgow Track where you can head back down the first section to the trailhead.
Job done! Enjoy your hiking!

Getting There

From the carpark, head up Glasgow Road, straight ahead onto the steep gravel road until you reach the gate which blocks the road. Continue up passed this for around 200 metres where you will find the trailhead where you can head in 3 directions


Poles, gaiters, 2 litres of water, high energy food

Total distance: 13160 m
Max elevation: 618 m
Min elevation: 260 m
Total climbing: 1885 m
Total descent: -1885 m

Contributed by David Drew

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