Tasmania is renowned for its magnificent hiking opportunities. The island offers walking experiences for all – from short strolls to challenging wilderness treks. The walks cover a diverse array of environments, from ancient rainforests and empty, white-sand beaches to inspiring overnight walks through Australia’s most mountainous landscapes.

Forth Falls Walk (4km)

Hartnett Falls Walk (1.5km)

New Town Rivulet Track (7.5km)

Dove Lake Circuit Hike (6km)

Adams Falls Walk (3km)

Crater Falls Walk (4km)

Organ Pipes Circuit Hike (9.2km)

Tall Trees Walk (1km)

Pencil Pine Cascades Walk (100 m)

Montezuma Falls Hike (11.5km)

Lovers Falls Hike (6.2km)

Coningham Clifftop Track (3.8km)

New Town Falls Hike (7.5km)

The Fourways Hike (12km)

Bishop & Clerk Hike (14.5km)

Lower Chasm Falls Hike (7.2km)

Duck Reach & Kings Bridge Hike (6.7km)

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