One Way hikes and trails

A one-way hike, also sometimes called a point-to-point hike, is a walking route that doesn’t loop back to its starting point. Instead, it takes you from one destination (the trailhead) to another (the endpoint), covering a variety of terrain and scenery along the way. Unlike circuit hikes, where you see the same sights twice, one-way hikes offer a constantly evolving experience. Find the best one-way hikes in Australia here.

Black Range Escarpment Traverse (8km)

Great South Coast Walk (660km)

Mount Alexander Traverse (10km)

Murrumbidgee Discovery Track (27km)

Giles Track Hike Watarrka (22km)

Devil’s Kitchen to 12 Apostles Hike (16km)

Johanna Beach to Ryan’s Den Hike (15km)

Cape Otway to Aire River Hike (10km)

Blanket Bay to Cape Otway Hike (10km)

Elliot Ridge to Blanket Bay Hike (12km)

Apollo Bay to Elliot Ridge Hike (10km)

Grand Cliff Top Walk (19km)

Port Davey Track (70km)

K’Gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk (90km)

Penguin Cradle Trail Walk (80km)

Tomaree Costal Walk (27km)

Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay Walk (5km)

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