Grade 4 trails are suitable for experienced hikers as navigation and technical skills will be required. Trails will be long, rough and very steep with limited signage or navigation aids. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Strzelecki Peaks Flinders Island (6.2km)

Mavista Falls (3km)

Cradle Mountain Summit (12.5km)

Sensation Gorge Falls (500 m)

Granite Beach Falls (40km)

Walls of Jerusalem – Tasmania (34.3km)

Montana Falls (3km)

Kermandie Falls (5.6km)

Mt Direction Track (3.9km)

Zig Zag Track (1.9km)

Grail Falls (8.5km)

Hobart to the Pinnacle (14.2km)

Mt Rufus Circuit (19km)

Dasher Falls (200 m)

Mount Anne Day Walk (15km)

Fergusson Falls (1km)

The Springs to Pinnacle Loop (8.2km)

Cathedral Rock Track (8.5km)

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit (12.8km)

Victoria Valley Falls (200 m)

The Springs to the Pinnacle (3.4km)

Beckett Falls (1.2km)

Split Rock Falls (6km)

Wellington Falls (12.2km)

Mount Amos (4km)

Harridge Falls (500 m)

Overland Track (65km)

Clarence Mountain Bike Park (12.0km)

Shower Cave Falls (6km)

Cradle Mountain – Tasmania (14.9km)

Lobster Falls (4km)

Hartz Peak (7.7km)

The Springs to Lenah Valley (7.1km)

Chasm Falls (9.2km)

Nierinna Creek Track (6.2km)

Middle Chasm Falls (8km)

Step Falls (6.5km)

Truganini Track (2.1km)

Echo Falls (6.8km)

Rawlinson Falls (18km)

D’Alton Falls (1km)

Black Glen Falls (3.8km)

McGowans Falls (1km)

Cape Hauy Walk (9.3km)

Ladder Falls (17km)

Castra Falls (6.5km)

Cape Raoul Walk (14km)

Honor Falls (100 m)

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