Grade 3 trails are suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Hiking experience is recommended as trails may have short steep hill sections, rough surfaces and natural steps. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Wardanup Trail (6.3km)

Z Bend Lookout (1.2km)

Island Top Walk Trail (2.1km)

Great Forest Trees Walk (8km)

Eagle View Walk (15km)

Gloucester Tree to Cascades Walk (12km)

Ghost House Walk Trail (12.4km)

Warren Lookout (2.4km)

Island Pool Walk Trail (2km)

Bunker Bay Loop (3.6km)

Yanchep Rose Trail (14km)

Mundaring Weir Rail Trail (7km)

Greenbushes Loop (16km)

Whistlepipe Gully (3.5km)

Saddle Trail – The Pound (1km)

Numbat Trail (11.7km)

Len Otte Nature Trail (1km)

Lane Poole Falls Walk Trail (5km)

Breakaway Walk (1km)

Mandu Mandu Walk (3km)

Marri Trail (10km)

Camel Trail (8km)

Ooramboo Trail (.5km)

Dell to South Ledge (9km)

Cockatoo Walk Trail (17.5km)

Jarrambayah Trail (4.4km)

Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail (28km)

Gloucester Route (10km)

Gorge Rim Walk (2km)

Stony Hill Track (.5km)

Torpedo Trail (3km)

Eagle View Trail (.6km)

Echidna Trail (11km)

Point Possession Heritage Trail (5km)

Bridgetown Jarrah Park (6km)

Munda Biddi Trail (600km)

Kitty’s Gorge (16.5km)

Jabitj Trail (12km)

Flintstone Rock – Beedoboondu (.5km)

Mt Chudalup Summit Walk Trail (2km)

Honeycomb Gorge Trail (0.5km)

Yardie Creek Walk Trail (2km)

Wandoo Trail (2.7km)

Escarpment Base Trail (5.8km)

Gloucester Tree to Cascades Tramway Walk (6km)

Eagle View Trail (14km)

Kalari Trail (1.8km)

Lol Gray Loop (3.2km)

Beedelup Falls Loop Walk (4.5km)

Twiggy’s Landing and Shearwater Lookout Walk (1km)

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