Circuit hikes and trails

A circuit hike is a hiking trail that forms a loop, taking you on a complete journey around a particular area and bringing you back to your starting point without having to retrace your steps. It’s like walking around the circumference of a circle, rather than going back and forth on a straight line or leading you on an adventure to a new destination. Find the best circuit hikes in Australia here.

Round Walk – Leura Cascades Loop (800m)

Solitary Kiosk Loop Hike (9.4km)

Katoomba Falls Circuit Walk (1.5km)

Scenic World to Three Sisters Loop – Furber Steps Walk (5.8km)

Reids Plateau Loop Walk (400m)

Round Walk (900m)

Bridal Veil View & Olympian Lookout Walk (2km)

Echo Point to Leura Forest Circuit Walk (4.8km)

Dardenelles Pass Walk (4.8km)

Witches Leap Circuit Walk (1.1km)

Leura Cascades Circuit Walk (800m)

Round Walking Track (1.2km)

Leura Cascades Fern Bower Walk (4.5km)

Carrington Park to Leura Forest & Pass Loop Walk (4.8km)

Furber Steps-Scenic Railway Walk (900m)

National Pass Walk (4.5km)

Scenic World Down Furber Steps to Narrow Neck Loop Hike (6.8km)

Dardanelles Pass Loop Walking Track (5.3km)

Scenic Railway to Golden Staircase Circuit Walk (5.9km)