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    Darren Edwards

    The following points have been prepared for managing the Trail Hiking Australia Meetup Group so not everything will be applicable to community organised events. I though’t it would be useful to include anyway.

    Hikes will have limited numbers for safety, management and environmental reasons. Not showing up to events or pulling out at the last minute is not fair to other members as it prevents them from joining. Its also not fair to event organisers who have put in a lot of effort to organise the hike. To minimise this occurring here’s some RSVP etiquette to consider.

    • Members who RSVP YES to events are required to change their status if they are no-longer able to attend. This should be done at least four days prior to the event so that other members have the opportunity to attend.
    • If you are on the interested list it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on the event so you can RSVP ‘going’ if others drop out.
    • Many of the hiking events will be in areas with limited phone coverage. If you are feeling ill or unable to attend on the day you should message the event organiser as soon as possible so they are not waiting for you at the start of the hike.
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