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    Darren Edwards

    Wondering how many people should attend your event?

    Land managers recommend setting a maximum limit of 16 attendees. Yes, size does matter. Keeping your group small will have less impact on the environment than a large group, will not disturb other visitors as much and will make it a lot easier for you to manage the group. If it is a challenging hike, you may choose to set the limit at a lower number. The ideal group size for a hike depends on various factors, such as the difficulty and length of the trail, the level of experience and fitness of the hikers, the local regulations and guidelines, and the availability of resources and facilities along the trail. However, as a general guideline, a group size of 10-12 attendees is often considered to be the upper limit for safety, enjoyment, and environmental impact considerations.

    When you are creating your event, you can set the maximum attendee limit. Once the ‘Going’ limit is reached, people will not be able to indicate they are going but can join the ‘Interested’ list. If someone happens to update their status as no longer going, places will become available on a ‘who get’s in first’ basis.

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