First Aid and Survival Kit Checklists

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All hikers should be armed with sufficient health and hike safety knowledge to avoid encountering unnecessary problems in the bush. Before venturing off the beaten track, it is important to ensure you are well prepared with a hike safety plan and are carrying the correct First Aid and Survival Kits for all possible emergency situations.

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Welcome to Your First Aid and Survival Kit Checklists

First Aid Kits Trail Hiking Australia

First Aid Kit Checklist

Even if you are going for a short hike, there is always a small possibility you could break a limb, cut yourself or get bitten by insects or snakes, so you need to be prepared for the worst. Most first aid kits are compact and contain all the essential items you’ll need.

Download, print and get packing. 

Survival Kits Trail Hiking Australia

Survival Kit Checklist

I personally carry and highly recommend that you always have a personal survival kit, even on day hikes. Your Survival Kit should contain all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness.

Download, print and get packing.

Your Guide to Hiking Safely Trail Hiking Australia

Hiking Guides

There are now five guides in the series covering everything from beginner basics through to skills, safety, navigation techniques and hiking gear.


Ideally, unless you are an ultralight hiker, pack weight should be between 13-15 kg + 0.5 kg of food per day.

Major items of overnight camping equipment can be borrowed or hired until you decide exactly what you need. Specialist hiking shops hire equipment and can also help with advice. Many clubs have equipment available for hire to members. Sharing equipment between walkers can considerably lighten your load.

Taking care to clean, dry and air equipment after a hike as it will increase its reliability and lifespan.

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