Cossack Heritage Trail
  • Length: 5km

  • Duration: 1.5hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Return

  • Start: Bond Store

  • End: Bond store

  • Closest Town: Karratha

  • Location: Pilbara

  • Distance from state capital: 1500km

  • State: WA

  • Latitude: -20.681013

  • Longitude: 117.185567


Cossack Heritage Trail is a 5km, grade 2 Return hike located in Pilbara Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 1.5hrs to complete.


The Cossack Heritage Trail guides visitors to key significant features in Cossack spread over a distance of 5 km. Participants have the option to walk or drive the trail depending on your preference. However, please bear in mind that it does get very hot in the Pilbara and there are no designated watering stations or shade.

About the region

Cossack is a historic ghost town located 1,480 km north of Perth within the City of Karratha. The carefully maintained remnants of this early settlement include some of the oldest buildings in Western Australia positioned on the waters of the Butcher Inlet.

Originally named €œTien Tsin€ after the boat which carried the first settlers to the region in 1863, the town was once the Northwest’s main shipping port. The township was then renamed Cossack after the warship which carried the State’s governor, Frederick Weld to the Pilbara in 1871.

Getting there

Cossack is located near the picturesque Point Samson a coastal town, 50km north of Karratha (1500km north of Perth W.A.


Accommodation is available during the ‘winter’ season.

For more information, visit the City of Karratha