Brampton Island Track
  • Length: 6.6km

  • Duration: 3hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: Return

  • Start: -20.80209589, 149.2635155

  • End: -20.802136, 149.26373

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Brampton Islands National Park

  • Distance from state capital: --

  • State: QLD

  • Latitude: -20.80209589

  • Longitude: 149.2635155


Brampton Island Track is a 6.6km, grade 3 Return hike located in Brampton Islands National Park Queensland. The hike should take approximately 3hrs to complete.


This park has been impacted by recent severe weather events in Queensland. Please check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

About the region

Brampton Islands is a national park in the Mackay Region, Queensland, Australia, 834 kilometres (518 mi) northwest of Brisbane. The park covers much of Brampton Island and all of Carlisle Island.

The park features rainforests, sandy beaches and coral reefs. Walks exist to the summit and a circuit around the whole island. The 8.7 km circuit track leads visitors through open eucalypt forests, vine thickets, dry rainforests, grasslands and mangroves.

Camping is permitted on Carlisle Island which has some facilities. Marine stingers are found in the waters of the park between October and May.

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