Favourite and completed hikes feature

Do you love making lists of the hikes you want to complete and be able to tick them off the list once you have completed them?Then this feature is for you.

10 December 2017

As a registered member of the Trail Hiking community you can quickly and easily add any hike to your personalised list of favourites and then mark them as complete once you have experienced that trail. All with a simple click of a button.

In order to add a favourite hike all you need to do is login or register on the site. If you have not already logged in you can do so by clicking Register/Login from the main navigation menu. Alternatively, simply click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button of ‘Add to Completed’ button that is displayed on every hike. You will then be directed to register or login before returning to the hikes page.

Once you are logged in, the top navigation bar will change to include a menu item with your username. Clicking this will display a dropdown menu to access your Favourite and Completed hikes. The rest should be self explanatory, simply click the buttons to add or remove hikes as required.

Both of the buttons displays a small number on the right. This is an indicator of how many people have favourited or completed that hike. The number will change dynamically as users add or remove hikes.

I have prepared a quick YouTube clip showing how to use this new feature so check it out and start building your lists. Hope you enjoy this new feature and thank you for being part of the Trail Hiking Australia community.

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