• Length: 9.6km

  • Duration: 3hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Big Pats Creek

  • End: Starlings Gap Campground

  • Closest Town: Warburton

  • Location: Yarra State Forest

  • Distance from state capital: 75km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.7637793400

  • Longitude: 145.7531036000


The Big Pats Creek to Starlings Gap hike is the beginning section of the Walk into History. It starts at Big Pats Creek and continues on a gradual uphill to Starlings Gap. The area is very lush and a delight to hike through.

Initially the track follows very closely Big Pats Creek, and there are some really lovely views of it along the way. The track will then climb gradually. Take time to admire the surroundings. At the time of writing there were a few fallen trees along the way. Nothing too difficult, but worth considering. After roughly 6km keep an eye out for a small opening to the right of the track. This leads to the top of a huge sawdust pile. It is more interesting than what it sounds! There are some great views from the top of it.

Continue back up the trail and at shortly after 9km mark there is another huge sawdust pile that is worth having a wander over. Again, it might not sound that interesting but it is worth a look. You’ll then arrive back at the road at Starlings Gap.

Getting There

Note: You will need to arrange a car shuffle to get back from Starling Gap to Big Pats Creek after you have done the hike.

There are various ways to reach Starling Gap. One way is to go to Powelltown, then after approx 10km you will see the turnoff up Big Creek Road. Or you can travel via Warburton. Approx 10km after Warburton take the right to Riverside Dr and then left onto Big Pats Creek Rd. After a few km you’ll reach the small settlement of Big Pats Creek. Shortly you will come to a bridge where there is a pullover to park where you can return to after leaving a car at Starlings Gap. Take the right immediately after the bridge, you will see the track start to your right just after the corner. After 1km you will pass the Big Pats Rec area carpark, you could start the track here as well…but you’ll miss the first km. Continue up to Starlings Gap to park one car there and return back to Big Pats Creek.

Once back at Big Creek Road, follow the signs (some may be missing) to reach Starling Gap. This is roughly 11km from the junction.


Leeches can be common here, so bring your favorite leech remedy/repellent.


Total distance: 9680 m
Max elevation: 788 m
Min elevation: 217 m
Total climbing: 758 m
Total descent: -193 m



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