The Federation Track
  • Length: 3000km

  • Duration: 1 Year

  • Grade: 4-5

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Macquarie Place, Sydney

  • End: Adelaide SA

  • Closest Town: Sydney

  • Location: South East Australia

  • Distance from state capital: 750m

  • State: NSW, VIC, SA

  • Latitude: -33.863236

  • Longitude: 151.210233

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The Federation Track is a 3000km, multi-grade one way hike from Circular Quay in Sydney on the east coast of Australia to Adelaide on Gulf St Vincent with a 200km spur to Canberra.


The route traverses coastal areas, native bushland, alpine plateaus, eucalyptus forests, open plains, rainforests, rich farmland and historic towns. The track has been proof-walked, documented and waypointed (GPX). The Track caters for walkers doing day walks along shorter sections or completing the entire route in a series of walking holidays. It also caters for experienced backpackers.

It passes through some of the most scenic country in Australia from coastal splendour to alpine majesty; from endless skies to never-ending ridges; from towering forests to fern-filled grottos; from crystal clear creeks to saltpans fringed by tortured trees. The variety is infinite.

A proof-walked northern extension connects Federation Track to The Carrai Plateau. A proof-walked spur from Mt Jagungal in Koscziusko National Park connects Federation Track to Old Parliament House in Canberra.

The Federation Track is a documented, way-pointed walking route from Sydney in New South Wales to Adelaide in South Australia with a link to Canberra. A northern extension to Brisbane is planned and has been proof-walked and waypointed as far as the Carrai Plateau near Kempsey.

The Federation Track is designed as a walking route rather than a marked, built track and it follows existing bushwalking tracks as well as fire trails, beaches, disused railways, footpaths and the occasional road verge.

It uses track guides and GPS waypoints rather than built tracks and track markers. This avoids the conflict that exists between Australian bushwalking and conservation groups on whether or not tracks should be marked. In New South Wales this debate has effectively stopped the development of a state walking track system whereas in Victoria there is an excellent network of marked tracks. The track guides and GPS files available together with the high quality topographic maps available in Australia reduce the need for such track marking.

For more information visit The Federation Track website