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Gammon Ranges: Outback Stations and Ancient Wonders

Situated on the edge of Lake Frome and Gammon Ranges National Park, Wertaloona Station is a sprawling pastoral lease and one of South Australia’s largest land holdings. This working sheep station, approximately 543 kilometres north of Adelaide, boasts spectacular landscapes like Chambers Gorge and Big John Creek. Wertaloona is also home to some of the most well-preserved and detailed rock art found within the Flinders Ranges.

Further north, on the traditional lands of the Adnyamathanha people, lies Wooltana Station. More commonly known simply as Wooltana, this outback sheep station sits on the plains between the northern Flinders Ranges and Lake Frome. Around 103 kilometres northeast of Blinman and 259 kilometres northwest of Broken Hill, Wooltana’s name is believed to be a derivative of an Adnyamathanha word, “ooltulta”, though its meaning remains unclear.

Wooltana holds a geological marvel – the Paralana Hot Springs. These springs bubble with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, radon, and helium, all originating from rich uranium ore deposits. Due to the presence of uranium and radon, prolonged exposure to the springs is a health hazard. However, the springs’ unique environment fosters extremophile algal mats that thrive in the high temperatures (up to 62°C) and radioactivity. Recognized for its geological significance, the Paralana Hot Springs are listed on the South Australian Heritage Register.

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