Explore stunning hiking trails of Deep Creek National Park

Discover the diverse trails of Deep Creek National Park, South Australia, offering hikes and walks for all skill levels and interests. Find your perfect adventure today.

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Heysen Trail – South Coast Hike (73km)

Coastal Cliffs, Diverse Wildlife & Walking Trails near Adelaide

Deep Creek National Park, situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula just under 100 kilometres south of Adelaide, is a haven for nature lovers. It boasts the largest area of remaining native vegetation on the peninsula and provides a habitat for a variety of Australian wildlife. Encounter western grey kangaroos, spot a shy short-beaked echidna, or listen to the calls of over 100 bird species while exploring the park’s walking trails. During their annual migration from June to October, whales can even be seen cruising the coastline.

Deep Creek National Park offers a range of experiences for visitors seeking a break from the city. Hike along scenic trails with breathtaking views of Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo Island, and the rugged Deep Creek Valley. The park caters to all fitness levels, with 15 walking trails ranging from easy strolls to challenging hikes. The park also incorporates sections of the famous Heysen Trail, a long-distance hiking route traversing South Australia.

Enjoy a day trip or extend your stay at one of the five campgrounds scattered throughout the park. Four of these campgrounds are accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles, while the other offers a unique “hike-in” experience, perfect for an adventurous family getaway.

Beyond bushwalking and camping, Deep Creek National Park offers opportunities for wildlife watching, photography, and simply soaking up the beauty of the natural environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a family seeking a nature escape, Deep Creek National Park has something for everyone. Remember to check park regulations before your visit, especially regarding camping permits and campfire restrictions.

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