Find a 16-25km trail

Ready for a bit of a challenge and the rewards of breathtaking scenery? These 16-25km trails offer a full day of physical exertion and stunning landscapes, perfect for experienced hikers and ambitious adventurers seeking a day-long escape or an overnight experience.

Hogan Track & Old River Hike (24km)

Ruths Gully Byers Back Track (18km)

George Bass Coastal Walk (17km)

Plenty Gorge River Hike (21km)

Blowhole & Bald Hill Hike (16.7km)

Mitchell River Walking Trail (25km)

Old River Circuit Hike (16.7km)

Mack’s Creek Loop Hike (25.2km)

Jerusalem Creek Camp to the Pinnacle Hike (23km)

Mount Rosea & Sundial Peak Hike (17.5km)

Blackwood Circuit Hike (22.6km)

The Scenic Rim: Circuit Hike (16.1km)

Mount Donna Buang Hike (18km)

Black Mountain Walking Trail (18.5km)

Crosscut Saw & Mt Speculation Hike (24.7km)

Eagle Peaks & Eight Mile Spur Hike (20.5km)

The Scenic Rim: River & Link 2 Hike (16.7km)

Mount Donna Buang to Dom Dom Saddle Hike (22.7km)

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