Find a trail ranging from 6 to 10km

Step beyond the city and explore a world of stunning trails, ranging from 6 to 10 kilometers! These mid-distance hikes offer both physical challenge and scenic rewards, perfect for seasoned hikers and first-time adventurers alike.

Shepherds Hill Viaduct Track Circuit Hike (6.1km)

Boat Harbor Circuit Hike (9.4km)

Black Swamp Circuit Hike (7.9km)

Onkeeta Circuit Hike (10.8km)

Upper Sturt Gorge River Circuit Hike (7.6km)

Three Falls Grand Circuit Hike (7.3km)

Wine Shanty Circuit Hike (10km)

Hiltaba Walking Circuits Hike (10km)

Waite & Brownhill Creek Circuit Hike (9.5km)

Mike Turtur Bikeway Hike (9km)

Honan Mint Trail Walk (6km)

Aaron Creek Beach Hike (10km)

Waterfall Circuit Hike (6.5km)

Microcarpa, Lorikeet & Valley Circuit Hike (10.4km)

Quarry Hike (9.4km)

Coastal Cliffs Walking Circuit (8.6km)

Aaron Creek Circuit Hike (6km)

Scott Creek Eastern Circuit Hike (8.5km)

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