Bite-Sized hikes up to 5km in length

Craving a quick escape into nature? Look no further! This category curates stunning hiking trails, all under 5km, perfect for a bite-sized adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a curious newcomer, these paths offer something for everyone. Discover hidden waterfalls, meander through lush forests, and soak up breathtaking views, all within a manageable distance.

Furber Steps-Scenic Railway Walking Track (2.4km)

Echo Point to Eastern Skyway Station Walk (2.2km)

Round Walk – Leura Cascades Loop (800m)

Tarpeian Rock Walk (400m)

Katoomba Falls Circuit Walk (1.5km)

Three Sisters Walk (800m)

Echo Point to Leura Cascades Walk (3.2km)

Scenic World to Three Sisters Loop – Furber Steps Walk (5.8km)

The Three Sisters Walk (900m)

Katoomba Falls to Echo Point – Prince Henry Cliff Walk (1.8km)

Reids Plateau Loop Walk (400m)

Carrington Park to Leura Forest Walk (2.3km)

Solitary Restaurant to Jamieson Lookout Walk (300m)

Scenic Railway to the Landslide Walk (2.7km)

Round Walk (900m)

Carrington Park to Marguerite Cascades Walk (1.7km)

Bridal Veil View & Olympian Lookout Walk (2km)

Federal Pass Walk (4.4km)

Echo Point to Leura Forest Circuit Walk (4.8km)

Echo Point to Barrabaroo Lookout Walk (4km)

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