Register your intentions

Are you planning a hike, going somewhere remote or where the weather can be extreme? It’s important to tell other people about your trip, so they can contact Police in case something goes wrong.

Use this form if you’re a hiker planning a trip, or the leader of a group organising a hike. The form captures information that might help search and rescue teams find you in the event of an emergency. Your trip details will be sent to the relatives, friends, or trusted person that you nominate, with instructions on how to contact Police Search and Rescue if you don’t return on time.

The form is divided into three parts.

  1. Your Hike
  2. Your group and Equipment
  3. Your Emergency Contacts

To complete this form, you need

  • Name, email address and phone number of your emergency contact
  • Details of all members of your group
  • Trip details, start and finish locations, departure and return date and time
  • Details of your equipment. For example, your satellite phone number and Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) hex number/Unique Identification Number (UIN)
  • To fill in required fields marked with an asterisk *.

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