Dr. Erika Jacobson

I am an educator, a community development theatre practitioner, and a curious & passionate adventurer…and I love to write and a dance. I have a BA in writing, a MA in community and international development and a PhD in transformative learning. Part of the year I lecture at Murdoch University on creativity and innovation, run workshops and retreats helping people (or groups of people) reconnect with their creativity and self-expression and facilitate community development projects. Sometimes I speak about it all. Part of the year I travel and write. All year around I walk.

I envision, design & facilitate retreats that give participants immersive opportunities to recover, realign & reignite their creative aspirations. I bring together powerful aesthetic, embodied & applied theatre tools, knowledge from my research in transformative learning, practical creative thinking tools, my own creative & reflective practice & over 15 years of experience helping individuals, organisations & communities access creative solutions to complex problems.

My strength lies in harnessing the collective creativity of a group to give all participants access to useful & individual insights.

Two Great Reasons for Walking the Cape to Cape in Winter

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