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Darren is a designer by day and an outdoor enthusiast when he is not tied to a desk. He is passionate about hiking, dabbles in climbing and takes every opportunity to get into the mountains where he can escape his day job. Darren loves sharing his passion with others and has built this entire trail hiking website as well as running one of Victoria’s largest hiking groups.

Contribution: Personally built and funded this entire site including all trails and hiking information.


The North Face
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17 thoughts on “Darren Edwards

  1. It’s a fabulous collection of information. I’m new to hiking over the past 5 months and this site is Gold! It offers up such a wide variety of walks for all fitness levels. Great concept.
    Thank you for sharing.?
    (Ps. I hiked 13km on Mt Buffalo today and was back in time to collect kids of school bus and do the sports training run? – feeling pumped!)

  2. Thank you for bringing all the best trails together in one place Darren! Your site is my first stop when looking for a new adventure – great trail notes and extra info with gpx downloads an added bonus! Kudos!

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