Broken Hill to Silverton
  • Length: 25km

  • Duration: 8hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Broken Hill 

  • End: Silverton

  • Closest Town: Broken Hill 

  • Location: Country NSW and ACT

  • Distance from state capital: 1164km

  • State: NSW

  • Latitude: -31.90481449

  • Longitude: 141.2782681


Broken Hill to Silverton is a 25km, grade 3 One Way hike located in Country NSW and ACT New South Wales. The hike should take approximately 8hrs to complete.


This is a proposed rail trail and is not yet open. It is one of the potential Rail Trails identified throughout NSW.

Not developed as yet

This was part of an old private narrow guage tramway between Cockburn and Broken Hill, owned by the Silverton Tramway Company.  It was built in 1888 as a way to transport ore from the Silverton mines to Port Pirie in SA.  It was extended on to Broken Hill upon discovery of minerals there.


Broken Hill to Silverton in Country NSW and ACT

Old tramway between Broken Hill and Silverton in the state’s far west

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Coarse gravel

Open hilly desert type terrain

For more information and a location map please visit RailTrails Australia.