If you’re reading this article on www.trailhiking.com.au, there’s a good chance you’re here because you feel a strong and personal connection with getting outdoors, challenging yourself and being rewarded with the magical moments and views that can only be found while trekking.

Great minds throughout human history have credited nature immersion as a driver of wellbeing, mental health, personal wealth, happiness and connection.

For me, as I’m guessing for you, getting into the bush is an enriching and formational experience on so many levels – every single time.

I see nature as the ultimate platform to connect with yourself on a deeper level as well as develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the people and natural world around you.

Like many who have been swept up by natures spell, a few years ago I became quite excited about helping others build their own relationship with nature. To this end, I began inviting friends, colleagues and friends-of-friends to join me for 2-3 day bush walking adventures throughout many areas across the Greater Blue Mountains region.

The reactions I saw over and over again from people who had never gone on a decent hike before were quite profound. After a few days in the wild, new-comers often remarked that the experience was one of the greatest in their life and certainly one of the most challenging.

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Slowly, this urge to introduce more people to the bush led me to create Gone Bush Adventures with my brother and business partner, Joshua Kugel in late 2015. Gone Bush is a nature-based learning and leadership company working with companies to develop leadership and performance via programs that immerse them in nature and bush walking adventures that are custom designed to be vehicles of growth and alignment.

My dream is that everyone we lead on our adventure programs is inspired to start a deeper relationship with nature and I believe anyone who does will be greatly rewarded.

So, I wanted to put out a general question to the community in my first post for Trail Hiking:

Why do you go bush?

I know there’s hundreds of good reasons, but what’s the most important one for you?

I look forward to contributing to this platform more often and will hope to contribute more of my personal thoughts about life, growth and leadership from time out in the bush.


One thought on “What does the bush do for you?

  1. I feels as though this is an easy answer, but I’m sure I could make it lengthy.
    The bush helps me breathe, as soon as I’m facing a track and left my car behind me I have this massive breath in that leaves me wondering how long I had been breathing so shallow.
    I find myself constantly sighing, smiling, my eyes feel bigger and my ears feel they twitch darting from sound to sound.
    I feel it deeply.
    On top of that I get an amazing workout, a work out I actually enjoy.
    I have also been/wanting to share with others this experience. But sometimes I just want to be on my own and take it all in so I can hear as far as I can.
    Thanks for sharing.